Mar 30, 2017

Cosmea Rain

Drawn just in time for the spring equinox. It was fun!
Also another piece I drew just to test out a set of photoshop brushes I made, cosmea blossoms this time.

Broken Poi, Spoiled Little Princess

Pieces I drew back in 2015, a little perspective practice cuz I really needed it. One was a failure, one a success. Guess which is which...

Aug 24, 2015

Red String

Just thought I'd do an art update of my beloved BJD children, Peppa and Chili. Two souls bound by the red string of fate. One desperate to sever it, the other, desperate to keep it in-tacked.

I love these two so much~

May 17, 2015

Old work pt.4 (Commission)

More work from Moonshine, this time he wanted profile work for his Original Character Maggot-chan~ Emotionless cutie with bionic parts.

Old work Pt.3 (Commission)

Commissioned by Moonshine, his original character Juka in all her glorious transformations. Her concept work began in early 2013, to her final form in 2014.

Old work pt.2

More old work from last december. These were part of a studio stud exercise I did to get me arting again. Obviously the studio was KyoAni. It didn't really fulfill it's purpose but it was still fun to do. I don't think my particular art style is suited for KyoAni characters though...

Old work pt.1

Pay these no heed, they were done last year during my art block.
Good gravy I hate art blocks...