May 17, 2015

Old work pt.4 (Commission)

More work from Moonshine, this time he wanted profile work for his Original Character Maggot-chan~ Emotionless cutie with bionic parts.

Old work Pt.3 (Commission)

Commissioned by Moonshine, his original character Juka in all her glorious transformations. Her concept work began in early 2013, to her final form in 2014.

Old work pt.2

More old work from last december. These were part of a studio stud exercise I did to get me arting again. Obviously the studio was KyoAni. It didn't really fulfill it's purpose but it was still fun to do. I don't think my particular art style is suited for KyoAni characters though...

Old work pt.1

Pay these no heed, they were done last year during my art block.
Good gravy I hate art blocks...

Been awhile...

Has it really been a year since I last uploaded to this blog? Can't believe I forgot about it.. I've got a mind like a sieve.

A lot happens in a year, you know?
...A least for most people it does. For me? Not so much, Just more of the same...
Well, here's some art.

It has been ages since I uploaded anything artsy, but I had to get this out. It’s based off a pic I did some 10 years ago in 2005. My best friend growing up always loved the original, but since it has been lost to time, I felt the need to remake it for her with my current skills.

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 2 days

Wow… just like the original. Poor anatomy, light diffusion in all the wrong places, and no cohesive anchor for the viewers eyes… I feel 15 again! xD

Dec 29, 2013

Space Rock Shooter

I blame this whole thing on that damn Space Dandy half episode preview I saw yesterday. Now I have images of space ships and things that “jiggle” running through my brain. As per my usual weirdness, I take it out on these two, and had a little too much fun while doing it… Sorry Yomi. -_-
Tools: Sai, Photoshop

Nov 22, 2013


Er… OH God! I messed with nature again didn’t I?! Gomen ne~
This was an image response to the sketch I asked Dan-Heron to draw a while ago. It was of Mato wearing one of Yomi’s dresses, and he mentioned something about Mato thinking up a suitable revenge. So I thought: “Hey! Mato put on dress, why not have Yomi dress as a prince and switch roles for a change?
…Too bad for Mato, my head cannons always have Yomi as the seme. No winning this one Mato. Sorry~