Dec 29, 2013

Space Rock Shooter

I blame this whole thing on that damn Space Dandy half episode preview I saw yesterday. Now I have images of space ships and things that “jiggle” running through my brain. As per my usual weirdness, I take it out on these two, and had a little too much fun while doing it… Sorry Yomi. -_-
Tools: Sai, Photoshop

Nov 22, 2013


Er… OH God! I messed with nature again didn’t I?! Gomen ne~
This was an image response to the sketch I asked Dan-Heron to draw a while ago. It was of Mato wearing one of Yomi’s dresses, and he mentioned something about Mato thinking up a suitable revenge. So I thought: “Hey! Mato put on dress, why not have Yomi dress as a prince and switch roles for a change?
…Too bad for Mato, my head cannons always have Yomi as the seme. No winning this one Mato. Sorry~

Sep 29, 2013

Not Quite Right 3

Can also be titled "Mato practices her smolder technique." After fulfilling commissions all summer, it's nice to get some time to draw for fun~
Tools: SAI
Time: 1 day.
 ...Good Lawd, it's nature gone loco, isn't it? ._.

Sep 15, 2013

Fun with my Figmas 1

Today I bring thee fun with Figmas! ...In what, I am sure, is to be a new series of posts about the expensive toys I've suddenly found myself wasting money on (but don't worry, this is still and art blog).
Today? We have my modified Dead Master (TV Anime version)

Right out the box... A beautiful figma from Max Factory! Just one problem.. 

That stupid, hard plastic skirt! I've heard a many awful stories about that skirt! So...

I DID something about it, and sewed her my own~ Came out quite nice!

Also did an OVA version of the skirt, for those days I feel like I'd wished I'd brought OVA Dead Master... (which is everyday.)

Best part is Yomi can wear it too~

All three skirts together! ...Nice to have options! :D

Sep 8, 2013

More work for Moonshine! (UPDATED!)

So it would appear, Moonshine has become one of my major customers! :) This time he requested some art for his OCs, Juka (gray alien girl) and Aloette! (spider girl)

Jul 18, 2013

Not Quite Right. [2]

Companion piece to Not Quite Right [1]
Horribly rushed, but it was just a practice sketch to get me creating again.

Here's the tumb1r reblog(If you want to) --- [Link]

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 2 days

Making a parallel within a parallel is fun. : )

Jul 4, 2013

Shimejis... AGAIN?!

Yeeeeaaahhh so, it's been what? A year since I made the BRS shimejis? And I been thinkin' about making shimeji's again, this time with BRS human girls. Small problem though...

WIP / Prototypes

I can't make up mind whether I wanna do the OVA girl's and add Kagari and Saya as a bonus, or just do the whole anime cast instead. I grossly hated the anime for a number of reasons, so I really wanna do the OVA, but I also wanna do crazy Kagari and she won't look right with only the OVA girls. *sigh* Such a dilemma. I'd love to be able to do both, but I'm just not sure I have the free time (that's a load of bull, I have plenty of free time. I just don't think i'll stick with it).

For now, I'll make Kagari and Saya and decide later...