Dec 13, 2012


Sketch of my OC giant Hanami, trying to settle a dispute between 2 village children, and really just making it worse...
Tools: SAI
Time: 1 hour

Dec 7, 2012

+Counting Sheep+

Counting sheep when I can’t sleep doesn't work, so for the past couple of late nights I've been sketching this…
Tools: SAI
Time: ...Lost count of my sleepless nights.

Nov 21, 2012

MoonshineAnimations Contest Entry #2

My second entry to Moonshine's mascot contest. 
This time it's category 4, Funny art. 
Prize - Huke's BLK artbook (me gusta!!)

Nov 15, 2012

A little... MMD?

(Hey, someones' gotta make Rock kiss Dee-chan's shoes...)

So I thought I'd try my hand at some MikuMikuDance. Mato and Yomi of course, because Rock and Dee-chan are overused and overrated. I tell you what, I don't know a thing about MMD, except that it's never utilized to it's full potential, and it makes my computer over heat.
For these two (four really) however? I swear I WILL GET A BETTER COMPUTER! *_*
Oh, and learn how to use MMD better too.

Mato/Yomi models by buddy1o
BRS/DM models by Angeloid2088 and cristle1235
Kissing poses by innaaleksui

Nov 10, 2012

BRS in 30 Days (UPDATE)

So I took my own challenge, but I don't wanna spam my Blog with tumblr junk (since this is just an art blog). So I'll post the tumblr links here.
Day 1      Day 11      Day 23
Day 2      Day 12      Day 24
Day 3      Day 13
Day 4      Day 14
Day 5      Day 15
Day 6      Day 16
Day 7      Day 17
Day 8      Day 18
Day 9      Day 19-20
Day 10     Day 21-22
(Will update periodically.)

BRS 30 Day Challenge (OVA, Anime, Manga or Game can apply to all questions.)

30 day Black Rock Shooter challenge for tumblr. I couldn’t find one online so I made my own. Totally okay to use, if you want!
  1. Favorite series in the BRS franchise (OVA, Anime, Manga, or Game) and why?
  2. Favorite human character?
  3. Least favorite human character?
  4. Favorite song/music?
  5. Least favorite song/music?
  6. Favorite paring?
  7. Least favorite paring?
  8. Scene that made you happy?
  9. Scene that made you sad?
  10. Scene that made you go WTF?!
  11. Favorite place/spot/world? (Other world or Reality wise)
  12. Favorite other world character?
  13. Least favorite other world character?
  14. Favorite voice actor?
  15. Favorite BRS merchandise? (that you may or may not own)
  16. Character you most relate to?
  17. Character you relate to the least?
  18. Favorite fight scene?
  19. Favorite other world weapon?
  20. Favorite other world outfit?
  21. Two characters that have never met, you believe would get along?
  22. Two characters that have never met, you believe would hate each other?
  23. Favorite minor character?
  24. Favorite quote spoken?
  25. Character you’d be most likely to cosplay if you could?
  26. What you hate most about the series? (which ever you pick)
  27. How did the ending make you feel about that series, and why?
  28. If you had an other self, what would their name be, and how would they look?
  29. Who would your other self be most likely to pick a fight with?
  30. One thing you could change about the BRS series?

Nov 4, 2012

Military Girls

Sketch for a regular commissioner of mine named G-cat. His twin OCs Luna and Artemis, in military uniforms.
Tools: SAI
Time: 1 day.

Drawing uniforms is fun! :D

Oct 20, 2012

Not Quite Right...

Okay, so I went against ALL the promises I made to myself to never, ever, ever, ever, ever draw TV Yomi/Dead Master, and made this. These four are so drastically different, it actually hurts me physically… Though I admit, the pain is kinda worth it just to do this. :)

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 2 days?

Oct 15, 2012

Con/Fest 2012 Swag!

Posting some swag I picked up from the NY AF/CC on Saturday Oct.13. Good Lawd. Packed. Packed like an old lady's purse we were. But sooo much fun! Too bad my camera ran out of energy just as I got there.. Stupid battery.
Also, sorry for the awful pictures. My camera sucks...

So heres half, I repeat, HALF the swag I got from the con (and my nosy cat Chikka). Lots of Clamp no Kiseki chess pieces, some manga, art books (cuz I'm an art girl). Lots of pamphlets and sample mangas from the con.
Lets add up this half of it all for now, shall we?

Now I already had CLAMP no Kiseki vol.1-3 from previous purchases. On saturday
 I got vol.4-5 at about $16 each, So that's $32 for both.

Here are all the chess pieces I have so far.. Aren't they cute?! Gonna be tough finding the other half of the set since CnK is kinda old now (by 6 years to be exact.)
Now for the art books!

The Apple art book from Udon Entertainment, about $25.50.

The Chobits Your Eyes Only art book from CLAMP, about $26.

 The Popcan2 con exclusive artbook, about $10.
That's a total of $61.50 for these three. The numbers are not looking good...
Next the manga!

Mom put me on a limit of how many mangas to get (since they're piling up in my room), so I had to resist buying the whole booth and just get 2. I got the Chobits omnibus vol.2 to go with vol.1, as well as Angel/Dust Neo, sequel to Angel/Dust.

Chobits omnibus v.2 was $14, and Angel/Dust Neo was about $10 or so.
So, that's about $24 for both.

Okay! Adding all that together, the total for this half of my swag comes to... $117.50!

*sigh* I'll post the other half of my swag later.. When I calm down!


Oct 11, 2012

MoonshineAnimations Mascot Contest Entry

My Contest entry for Moonshine’s mascot contest. Draw his character Cecilia for 1 of 5 categories.
Category: 5 Video game box art.
Prize: Black Rock Shooter the game, and Miku Hatsune Append figma.

This was fun! It’s the first time I’ve ever done CG art without lines, and not have it suck tremendously. Box art is Xbox, cuz Knect trumps Move, and Wii any day of the week.
If you’re curious about the reflection in Cecilia’s blades, they’re replications of some of Moon’s figma animations.
Check out his Youtube page to see them in action.

Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop E6
Time: 2 days.. straight. *coughs blood* x_x

Oct 5, 2012

Lil' Bird of Many Colors

“In which the colorful bird farts rainbows.”

Thought I’d try my hand at painting the little bird from Black Rock Shooter, even though I hate this little pest. (If you’re a BRS fan, you know why.)

Time: About 2-3 hours?

Sep 26, 2012

Rain Umbrella (COMPLETE)

Mato, Yomi, and a rainy afternoon.
Painted for kicks during a livestream.

Sep 25, 2012

Chill, I Got This!

Rock and Mato, planting their feet on Mt. Olympus (so to speak). Nice to take a break from shimeji’s and just sketch for fun! :D

Tools: SAI
Time: 2 hours

Sep 22, 2012

BRS Shimeji-ee Set

Okay, last one I swear! The entire BRS shimeji-ee set in one go!

Click the [link] to download.
Click the [link] to download.

Or for each character individually...

I had fun making these. Enjoy em guys!

Sep 21, 2012

Shimeji-Black Gold Saw (COMPLETE)

As promised! One Black Gold Saw shimeji. She has some mistakes here or there, but you probably won't notice em'. With this, the BRS shimeji pot is complete! I'll probably lump them all together into one single download later on. But for now...

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

I had fun doing these, enjoy em' guys! :D

Sep 16, 2012

Shimeji-STRenght (COMPLETE)

Okay, MediaFire accepted the file, but I still can't see it in my account just yet. I hope it appears in there sometime later, for now...

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

As with the others, STR uses the shimeji-ee engine, and my apoligise if she feels a bit clunky to handle. Those ogre arms get in the way of everything! Might change the link a little later but for now it works fine.
Gonna do BGS sometime next week...

Shimeji-STRength (WIP)

Going against what I believe to be my better judgement, I’ve decided I will make a STR shimeji after all. And since Rock, Chariot, and Dead have been completed, I might as well finish the pot and start Gold Saw sometime next week.

STR should be done by tomorrow. I guess. Actually she's done now, but Mediafire is being a b*tch with me this afternoon. Might have it upload fully by tonight.

Sep 13, 2012

Shimeji-Black Rock Shooter (COMPLETE)

Wow, this was done a lot quicker than anticipated. She has a few mistakes here and there but she gets the job done. As with the others, she uses the english shimeji-ee engine.

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

Enjoy guys!

Shimeji-Black Rock Shooter (WIP)

I wasn't planning on making a BRS shimeji, but somehow it feels incomplete only having Chariot chase Dead Master around my screen. Should be finished soon...

Sep 3, 2012

Shimeji-Chariot (COMPLETE)

A new shimeji this time it's Chariot. So glad I went into this one with an actual plan; she still has mistakes here and there, but a LOT LESS than Dead Master.
Time: 3 days

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

She uses the English shimeji-ee engine, so the menu should be easy to understand. And be careful, she multiplies like a rabbit. -_-'

Sep 1, 2012

Shimeji Dead Master 1.0 (COMPLETE)

At last, it's complete! One Shimeji Dead Master! It has some mistakes but it was a first try. Might go back, redo everything, and make a second version. But for now, this one is good enough.

Click to [Download].

Click to [Download].

Click to [Download].

Aug 31, 2012

Shimeji - Dead Master (WIP)

Shot of my desktop, with (half complete) Shimeji Dead Master.

Currently constructing a Dead Master Shimeji based of the Puchitto Rock Shooter art style. I’m already halfway through the img list, but it might still take me a while to be finished. There’s so many things to draw.
(Yeah, I’m drawing it all myself, @_@ been up since midnight…)

Aug 30, 2012

Modern Day Weekend

My OCs Kyrii, Hanami, and Kalamew in modern day clothes. Just a sketch for now. Might try school uniforms later on...

Kalamew (C) *Kalamew
Kyrii (C) ~G-cat
Hanami (C) Me

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 3-7 hours

Feels nice to be able to draw these three again. :)

Aug 27, 2012

Rain Umbrella

These two… Still all up in my feels box, messin’ with the buttons and stuff. At least this piece is more tame than the almost-smut I drew last time.

Might turn it into a full-on paint in Photoshop later…

Aug 25, 2012

Fillin' your brains with SM*T

Why is it when ever I'm bored, these two end up in some weird juxtapose situation? You two stop fillin' my head with yer smut!! I've got more important things to paint! DX

Aug 24, 2012

Fight for Love

Prince Rock, and Prince Chariot duke it out for the heart of Princess Dead Master. Not my most favorite piece to sketch, since battle scenes are not my forte’.

Tools: Paint tool SAI
Time: 7 hours

Something tells me DM won’t behave herself no matter who wins this fight. :D

Aug 23, 2012

Cirque de Walpuris

Bet you weren’t expecting this, were you? Hell, I wasn’t even expecting this! But she been on my mind for two freakin’ weeks, so I figured I get her outta my system. And yeah.. I know she’s suppose to be upside down…

Tools: Paint tool SAI, Photoshop elements 6
Time: 8 hours (been sketching since this morning..)

Quick question… Who here besides me think’s Walpurgis could pass for Slender Man’s wife? :P

Aug 22, 2012

Prince and Princess

Princess Dead Master and Prince Rock

Tools: Paint tool SAI
Time: According to my LS video, about 2 hours.
What?! Don't look at me like that! I don’t need an excuse to put Rock in a prince costume, I just do it! XD

Aug 19, 2012

Some Bad@$$ Magical girls! (UPDATED)

PROMO Sketches for C.O.W. Color S2.

Mato as Black Rock Shooter Beast
Yomi as Dead Master
Kagari as Chariot
Yuu as STRength
Saya as Black Gold Saw
Takako as Nana Gray
Aika as White Rock Shooter

Why are they wearing RAGE faces? I don't know, but it would be really great if I weren't on the receiving end of their weapons. -_-'

Tools: Paint tool SAI
Time for each: 4-7 hours