May 10, 2012

C.O.W. Color S2 Profiles

Posting some profile pictures of character's for season 2 of my fanfic Crossing Over Worlds of Color S2. Give it a read if you like!

Name: Kuroi, Mato
Age: 15 (going on 16)
Height: 160cm
Other self: Black Rock Shooter
Bio: Innocent and naive, now a first year in High School, Mato is outgoing and easily excitable, but she is very awkward around people she does not know. Internally, she is sensitive and meek, and some what aloof, but treasures the people in her life. She's willing to risk whatever it takes to keep them safe... even if it means giving up her own safety in the process.

Name: Takanashi, Yomi
Age: 16
Height: 166cm
Other self: Dead Master
Bio: Quiet and somewhat standoffish, Yomi longs to find her voice and speak her mind. In spite of her diminutive demeanor, Yomi has a possessive streak for the things she loves (mostly Mato). She's not particularly skilled at interacting with others and mainly relies on Mato as her main source of companionship, but slowly Yomi's learning what it means to truly be her own person.

Name: Koutari, Yuu
Age: 16
Height: 158cm
Other self: STRength
Bio: Quiet and some what aloof, this Yuu is the opposite of her other self STRength. Not very forward with people, she prefers to stay on the sidelines and watch how things play out. Though she does her best to interact with her friends she still carries the burdens of her past on her shoulders, but slowly she's learning that no matter how bad the pain is, her friends are always there when she needs them.

Name: Izuriha, Kagari
Age: 16
Height: 165cm
Other self: Chariot
BioBoisterous and nosy, If you searched the an English dictionary for the definition of "spoiled" It would most likely have her picture next to it. Very forward and a bit bossy, Kagari's adept at manipulation to get what she wants, yet her spoiled nature hides her discontent at a love for Yomi that is unrequited. Kagari learns the hard way that her selfishness does more harm than good, and that things that have been brought to light, are better off back in the dark where they came from.

Name: Jouda, Takako
Age: 16
Height: 166cm
Other self: (To be disclosed later...)
Bio: Passive-aggressive and a bit showy, Takako is well known around Japan for being a prodigy piano player. Careful with her words and brilliant strategist, her outer sweetness hides her inner anguish, and she often likes to believe she's able to manipulate situations to her advantage, even when the odds are not in her favor. As to what her plans are for Mato and the other girls... is unknown.

Name: Jouda, Aika
Age: 12
Height: 154cm
Other self: Unknown
Bio: (To be disclosed later...)

Names (left to right): Aya Rin/ Satomi Yoshida/ Haruka Ogawa
Ages: 15/ 17/ 16
Heights: 159cm/ 170cm/ 165cm
Otherselves: Nafe/ Shizu/ Mii
Bios: Three girls that have know each other since young, they managed to form a solid friendship despite having nothing in common with each other. Each has their own special talent and an other self who (despite being made from such well behaved girls) enjoys causing trouble.

Ayame (or just Aya) Rin: Short, chipper, and incredibly nosy, she enlists Yuu's help to start a robot club in school. She seems to have some underlying resentment toward society except for people she believes are otaku like herself. Is fond of figurines (Gundams are her favorite) and rabbits.

Satomi Yoshida: Quick tempered, observant, and a talented cook, she tends to enjoy picking on girls like Kagari who she believes are spoiled and have never had to work for a living. She works part time at her father's maid cafe, and enjoys dictating the meaning of dedication to people. Even when they aren't interested in hearing it.

Haruka Ogawa: Calm, playful, and bilingual (speaks Japanese and Spanish) She tends to enjoy observing from the sidelines. Enjoys roses, good gossip, and teaching Yomi how to tend to the school's garden. She herself actually doesn't enjoy dirt, but believes the end result of the flowers is worth getting dirt under her fingernails a few times a day.

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