Jun 22, 2012

Commission for Tachibana (UPDATED)

Commission for Tachibana Wish.
Her three OC's featured in her BRS fanfic Scatered Litany.

Makoto Ryuuzaki

Takara Ryuuzaki

Natsumi Himura

 doing business with you Tachibana-chan! :D

Jun 18, 2012

Little Golden Princess

Just a quick sketch of Victorique from Gosick with a popup book. Gave her a princess dress, just cuz it's so fitting for her. Might go back and finish this later.

Tools: SAI
Time: about 2 & 1/2 hours?

Man I miss this show...

Jun 11, 2012

In my heart...

"Ne... Aika-chan, I'm doing the right thing... aren't I?"

Drawn from a desire to see my original character Takako without her usual orange hair ribbon. She agonizes over her fraternal twin's death and the decision she must make...
And with this, I do believe I have successfully infiltrated CLAMP! :D

Jun 10, 2012

The cutest love eva!!

And to think, I promised myself I'd spend the day typing. Instead I'm making cuteness like this. CRAP! I'm never gonna get C.O.W.Color S2 off the ground at this rate... Oh well, it's cute. So it's okay right? Might go back and finish it properly later...

This would be "Mato's idea of seduction." Not sure what else to title it. What's she seducing Yomi for exactly? You're guess is as good as mine. It's either a date or more homework help, and knowing Mato? ...probably the latter.

Jun 4, 2012

FanFic Cover Art (EDIT)

Well the miracle of all miracles has happened and FFN is now letting people post cover art for their fanfics. Naturally I'll be the first to jump on board with this. :)

Cover art for my BRS fic Pillow Talk.

Cover art for my BRS fic Okayu.

Cover art for my BRS fic A Small Detour.

__X__Cover art for my BRS fic Crossing Over Worlds of Color.

__X__Cover art for my BRS fic Crossing Over Worlds of Color S2.

Cover art for my friend Tachibana Wish and her BRS fanfic Scattered Litany.

Jun 3, 2012

The Bride and Maid of Honor

More sketches for C.O.W.Color S2. Saya in a red wedding dress, and a very sad Yuu holding her veil. Will be inked and colored properly later...