Aug 19, 2012

Some Bad@$$ Magical girls! (UPDATED)

PROMO Sketches for C.O.W. Color S2.

Mato as Black Rock Shooter Beast
Yomi as Dead Master
Kagari as Chariot
Yuu as STRength
Saya as Black Gold Saw
Takako as Nana Gray
Aika as White Rock Shooter

Why are they wearing RAGE faces? I don't know, but it would be really great if I weren't on the receiving end of their weapons. -_-'

Tools: Paint tool SAI
Time for each: 4-7 hours

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  1. This is berzerker2k5 from DA.

    I really love how you integrated BRS TV and the game for your fanfic. It's really interesting and I look forward to seeing any updates related to it whether in art or written form.