Sep 26, 2012

Rain Umbrella (COMPLETE)

Mato, Yomi, and a rainy afternoon.
Painted for kicks during a livestream.

Sep 25, 2012

Chill, I Got This!

Rock and Mato, planting their feet on Mt. Olympus (so to speak). Nice to take a break from shimeji’s and just sketch for fun! :D

Tools: SAI
Time: 2 hours

Sep 22, 2012

BRS Shimeji-ee Set

Okay, last one I swear! The entire BRS shimeji-ee set in one go!

Click the [link] to download.
Click the [link] to download.

Or for each character individually...

I had fun making these. Enjoy em guys!

Sep 21, 2012

Shimeji-Black Gold Saw (COMPLETE)

As promised! One Black Gold Saw shimeji. She has some mistakes here or there, but you probably won't notice em'. With this, the BRS shimeji pot is complete! I'll probably lump them all together into one single download later on. But for now...

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

I had fun doing these, enjoy em' guys! :D

Sep 16, 2012

Shimeji-STRenght (COMPLETE)

Okay, MediaFire accepted the file, but I still can't see it in my account just yet. I hope it appears in there sometime later, for now...

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

As with the others, STR uses the shimeji-ee engine, and my apoligise if she feels a bit clunky to handle. Those ogre arms get in the way of everything! Might change the link a little later but for now it works fine.
Gonna do BGS sometime next week...

Shimeji-STRength (WIP)

Going against what I believe to be my better judgement, I’ve decided I will make a STR shimeji after all. And since Rock, Chariot, and Dead have been completed, I might as well finish the pot and start Gold Saw sometime next week.

STR should be done by tomorrow. I guess. Actually she's done now, but Mediafire is being a b*tch with me this afternoon. Might have it upload fully by tonight.

Sep 13, 2012

Shimeji-Black Rock Shooter (COMPLETE)

Wow, this was done a lot quicker than anticipated. She has a few mistakes here and there but she gets the job done. As with the others, she uses the english shimeji-ee engine.

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

Enjoy guys!

Shimeji-Black Rock Shooter (WIP)

I wasn't planning on making a BRS shimeji, but somehow it feels incomplete only having Chariot chase Dead Master around my screen. Should be finished soon...

Sep 3, 2012

Shimeji-Chariot (COMPLETE)

A new shimeji this time it's Chariot. So glad I went into this one with an actual plan; she still has mistakes here and there, but a LOT LESS than Dead Master.
Time: 3 days

Click the [link] to download.

Click the [link] to download.

She uses the English shimeji-ee engine, so the menu should be easy to understand. And be careful, she multiplies like a rabbit. -_-'

Sep 1, 2012

Shimeji Dead Master 1.0 (COMPLETE)

At last, it's complete! One Shimeji Dead Master! It has some mistakes but it was a first try. Might go back, redo everything, and make a second version. But for now, this one is good enough.

Click to [Download].

Click to [Download].

Click to [Download].