Oct 20, 2012

Not Quite Right...

Okay, so I went against ALL the promises I made to myself to never, ever, ever, ever, ever draw TV Yomi/Dead Master, and made this. These four are so drastically different, it actually hurts me physically… Though I admit, the pain is kinda worth it just to do this. :)

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 2 days?

Oct 15, 2012

Con/Fest 2012 Swag!

Posting some swag I picked up from the NY AF/CC on Saturday Oct.13. Good Lawd. Packed. Packed like an old lady's purse we were. But sooo much fun! Too bad my camera ran out of energy just as I got there.. Stupid battery.
Also, sorry for the awful pictures. My camera sucks...

So heres half, I repeat, HALF the swag I got from the con (and my nosy cat Chikka). Lots of Clamp no Kiseki chess pieces, some manga, art books (cuz I'm an art girl). Lots of pamphlets and sample mangas from the con.
Lets add up this half of it all for now, shall we?

Now I already had CLAMP no Kiseki vol.1-3 from previous purchases. On saturday
 I got vol.4-5 at about $16 each, So that's $32 for both.

Here are all the chess pieces I have so far.. Aren't they cute?! Gonna be tough finding the other half of the set since CnK is kinda old now (by 6 years to be exact.)
Now for the art books!

The Apple art book from Udon Entertainment, about $25.50.

The Chobits Your Eyes Only art book from CLAMP, about $26.

 The Popcan2 con exclusive artbook, about $10.
That's a total of $61.50 for these three. The numbers are not looking good...
Next the manga!

Mom put me on a limit of how many mangas to get (since they're piling up in my room), so I had to resist buying the whole booth and just get 2. I got the Chobits omnibus vol.2 to go with vol.1, as well as Angel/Dust Neo, sequel to Angel/Dust.

Chobits omnibus v.2 was $14, and Angel/Dust Neo was about $10 or so.
So, that's about $24 for both.

Okay! Adding all that together, the total for this half of my swag comes to... $117.50!

*sigh* I'll post the other half of my swag later.. When I calm down!


Oct 11, 2012

MoonshineAnimations Mascot Contest Entry

My Contest entry for Moonshine’s mascot contest. Draw his character Cecilia for 1 of 5 categories.
Category: 5 Video game box art.
Prize: Black Rock Shooter the game, and Miku Hatsune Append figma.

This was fun! It’s the first time I’ve ever done CG art without lines, and not have it suck tremendously. Box art is Xbox, cuz Knect trumps Move, and Wii any day of the week.
If you’re curious about the reflection in Cecilia’s blades, they’re replications of some of Moon’s figma animations.
Check out his Youtube page to see them in action.

Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop E6
Time: 2 days.. straight. *coughs blood* x_x

Oct 5, 2012

Lil' Bird of Many Colors

“In which the colorful bird farts rainbows.”

Thought I’d try my hand at painting the little bird from Black Rock Shooter, even though I hate this little pest. (If you’re a BRS fan, you know why.)

Time: About 2-3 hours?