Nov 10, 2012

BRS 30 Day Challenge (OVA, Anime, Manga or Game can apply to all questions.)

30 day Black Rock Shooter challenge for tumblr. I couldn’t find one online so I made my own. Totally okay to use, if you want!
  1. Favorite series in the BRS franchise (OVA, Anime, Manga, or Game) and why?
  2. Favorite human character?
  3. Least favorite human character?
  4. Favorite song/music?
  5. Least favorite song/music?
  6. Favorite paring?
  7. Least favorite paring?
  8. Scene that made you happy?
  9. Scene that made you sad?
  10. Scene that made you go WTF?!
  11. Favorite place/spot/world? (Other world or Reality wise)
  12. Favorite other world character?
  13. Least favorite other world character?
  14. Favorite voice actor?
  15. Favorite BRS merchandise? (that you may or may not own)
  16. Character you most relate to?
  17. Character you relate to the least?
  18. Favorite fight scene?
  19. Favorite other world weapon?
  20. Favorite other world outfit?
  21. Two characters that have never met, you believe would get along?
  22. Two characters that have never met, you believe would hate each other?
  23. Favorite minor character?
  24. Favorite quote spoken?
  25. Character you’d be most likely to cosplay if you could?
  26. What you hate most about the series? (which ever you pick)
  27. How did the ending make you feel about that series, and why?
  28. If you had an other self, what would their name be, and how would they look?
  29. Who would your other self be most likely to pick a fight with?
  30. One thing you could change about the BRS series?

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