Nov 10, 2012

BRS in 30 Days (UPDATE)

So I took my own challenge, but I don't wanna spam my Blog with tumblr junk (since this is just an art blog). So I'll post the tumblr links here.
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(Will update periodically.)


  1. Very interesting entries you got there and I especially liked your insight on different matters. I know a lot of people look down on both the TV series and OVA. I love both of them and really appreciate them for what they are. Many people tend to be judgmental and ignorant concerning the series and this applies to many other series as well.

    Critics they believe they have the higher moral ground and always believe they are right. Long before the OVA was out, pretty much everyone was expecting something bordering on mindless action

    The concept of the otherworld is an interesting one to me. I like the fact that it's some kind of psychic realm instead of another world where one could physically go to. I also like how the

    otherselves are just a part of the characters' psyche instead of actually transforming into them (ala magical girl or transforming heroes in general). The concept of the Otherworld makes BRS (TV and OVA) stand out on its own and open to many possibilities. I really love to imagine that some of Huke's other characters (like Dragon Slayer, Black Devil Girl, Black Matagi, etc.) exist somewhere there.

  2. Just my speculations and not intended to change everyone else's minds. That would be entirely your own decisions.

    One really needs to think outside the box to at least make some sense into matters (to promote understanding) without simply relying on what can be seen. That way, that is how I appreciate some

    things for what they are and that is through trying to make sense of something on my own. A lot better than spoonfeeding if you ask me.

    TV and OVA yomi are very similar, but I'll tackle on TV Yomi first. It makes sense to me as to why Yomi was still uneasy even after she was liberated from a life of slavery under Kags (I love

    calling Kagari that) all her life prior to meeting Mato and to the end of episode II of the TV series. Yomi is socially awkward and she is either ignored by everyone else or simply seen as a

    weirdo. For starters, she's been on a laesh by Kags nearly all her entire life prior to being liberated. In a way, she's used to being depended on and that's what she somehow expected from Mato. However, Mato being preoccupied with Yuu, makes things difficult.

    Given what she had gone through before the start of the series, does anyone expect Yomi to actually understand and be considerate? Yomi's just a youngster and is inexperienced with many things in life. She just recently broke free from the clutches of Kags, yes, but would anyone expect others to change their habits (especially ones that have been around for as long as they have lived) overnight? Looking back at how it all started (the car accident with Kags)and being depended on by Kags for all those years affected her greatly. Yomi's family may have felt miserable for what happened and partly took responsibility and maybe Kags' family kind of put the blame on them or something. All this prevented Yomi from leading a normal social life.

    OVA Yomi is just being irrational, that's that. Early in the OVA, Yomi states her family moved a lot, thus it would make sense that she is unable to seal any lasting relationships with others.

    Mato likened herself to the tiny bird. The colors presented in the book may represent the kind of people she meets in life.

    A female cousin of mine can relate herself to Yomi, even as of now and in a way, she's got no permanent friends (though she has a few, true, long-standing friends). Family issues aside (really complicated matters), she tells me there's too much assholes in her work work place. Many of her friends in her younger days are not friends of hers anymore, so she hardly has friends who've been with her since childhood. Many simply came and went off. Interestingly, this cousin of mine, with the right changes, can look like TV Yomi, who is kind of 'fatter' than her OVA counterpart.

    About Strength and Yuu switching bodies in the TV series, my female cousin, the same cousin who I mentioned above, did tell me about a real-life case about a certain girl who somehow experienced a total personality change. Not a mere change of attitude, but as if her body was taken over by another personality. According to my cousin, that gone through so much abuse that when she was about 17 years old, she was at her breaking point and underwent that change. It is as if that new personality was willing to endured all the hardships that would follow. That may be some kind of coping mechanism.

    Humans are more complicated than what labels or any means of categorization can provide. Many make the mistake of saying people like Yomi are unrealistic. Real people can be irrational and in many degrees and variations. Meeting people can gather better results than just reading one's psychology books and all the Freud-crap. It means one needs to meet more kinds of people in their life. There might be some kind of people we may never be able to meet in our lifetimes.