Jul 18, 2013

Not Quite Right. [2]

Companion piece to Not Quite Right [1]
Horribly rushed, but it was just a practice sketch to get me creating again.

Here's the tumb1r reblog(If you want to) --- [Link]

Tools: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 2 days

Making a parallel within a parallel is fun. : )

Jul 4, 2013

Shimejis... AGAIN?!

Yeeeeaaahhh so, it's been what? A year since I made the BRS shimejis? And I been thinkin' about making shimeji's again, this time with BRS human girls. Small problem though...

WIP / Prototypes

I can't make up mind whether I wanna do the OVA girl's and add Kagari and Saya as a bonus, or just do the whole anime cast instead. I grossly hated the anime for a number of reasons, so I really wanna do the OVA, but I also wanna do crazy Kagari and she won't look right with only the OVA girls. *sigh* Such a dilemma. I'd love to be able to do both, but I'm just not sure I have the free time (that's a load of bull, I have plenty of free time. I just don't think i'll stick with it).

For now, I'll make Kagari and Saya and decide later...