Sep 15, 2013

Fun with my Figmas 1

Today I bring thee fun with Figmas! ...In what, I am sure, is to be a new series of posts about the expensive toys I've suddenly found myself wasting money on (but don't worry, this is still and art blog).
Today? We have my modified Dead Master (TV Anime version)

Right out the box... A beautiful figma from Max Factory! Just one problem.. 

That stupid, hard plastic skirt! I've heard a many awful stories about that skirt! So...

I DID something about it, and sewed her my own~ Came out quite nice!

Also did an OVA version of the skirt, for those days I feel like I'd wished I'd brought OVA Dead Master... (which is everyday.)

Best part is Yomi can wear it too~

All three skirts together! ...Nice to have options! :D

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