Commission Me (Updated#5)

This is a very loooooooonnng page so please bare with me!

Welcome to the Commissions page! Here you can enlist my services, in art. I have a few rules and things you need to know before you order anything from me, do be sure to read this entire page before sending an e-mail with a request.

 First things First ----

Rules / Terms of Agreement
  • 1) You are not under any jurisdiction to take the art I draw for you and pass it off as your own!
  • 2) Be forewarned that all my commissions will feature a water mark with my name on them! (usually on the bottom right corner.)
  • 3) When an order is made I will do the drawing, but you will not see the finished work until I receive payment!! I will however, show plenty of sketches and screenshots to confirm it is what you want.
  • 4) Please know that once all the commission slots are full, I will not take any more until I finished the ones I have (please allow up to 1 to 2 months for me to finish your request).
    If you like, I will put you on my waiting list.
  • 5) I won't draw characters that look over 30, and I don't draw Yaoi either. I will draw mild yuri, and furies so long as they can retain their human faces (eg.. no muzzles, or wolf shaped noses). I can draw mild nudity if you want, but I don't draw hentai any more...
  • 6) Please! Do NOT send money until I have confirmed that your commission is complete.
  • 7) If you wish to use my art for marketing purposes, be aware that the price for my piece may go up, and you must draw me a contract for its terms of use!
  • 8) I can draw a lot of things, but I keep to my own distinct style. So if you write me asking to draw like a specific artist that you like (eg.. draw like Kaze-Hime, or `SaejinOh of deviantArt), your request will be ignored.
  • 9) You must give me as much reference as you can pertaining to the character's appearance (include pictures if necessary), and the position you want them to be in. You must also be sure to be descriptive about the type of background you would like, if you want one (backgrounds costs extra).

  • 10) If you have read all the of the Rules/Terms agreement, please type "ikebana" in the (Rules/Terms agreement section) on the request form below. I will not accept your request if you have not read everything.
My Work Materials --- Photoshop, and Paint Tool Sai

Commissions Types ---

Sketch / Line art ---
Please be advised sketches don't contain much detail and, neither sketch nor line art come with a background!
  • Sketches - 2 for $15 (no base color)  OR, 1 for $20 (with base colors)
  • Line art(profile) - $20
  • Line art(full body) - $25
Chibi / Super Deformed Character prices ---
  • Chibi (lineart / colored) - $15 / $20
  • Add an additional person (chibi or lineart) + $10
Cell Shading colored prices ---
  • Cell art (profile) - $25
  • Cell art (full body) - $30
  • Add extra person/people + $15 for each
Soft CGi colored prices ---
  • Soft colored art (profile) - $35
  • Soft colored art (full body) - $40
  • Add extra person / people + $20 for each
Character Design Profiles and Face Charts ---
Please note - These do not qualify for a background.
  • Front and Back profiles - $40
  • Expressions sheet / Face Chart (maximum of 3 faces) - $15 (line art) / $30 (Cell color)
Types of Backgrounds ---
  • Simple patterns (teddy-bear tones, hearts, abstract lace, ect...) - $20
  • Intermediate (Nature, fences, flowers, trees, grass, ect...) - $30
  • Complex (Buildings, towns, or cityscape / price may go up depending on what you want) - $50
Payment Methods ---
Please only send payment through Paypal.
  • Pay by paypal -
  • All payments are to be made in USD only!!!
Now after reading everything, Please send me an e-mail with the title Requesting Commission, along with this form...


E-mail address:

Description of character(s) appearance/positions:

Reference pictures (two references minimum please)
---( Type link here )
---( Type link here )
---( Type link here )
---( Type link here )

Sketches/Line art/Chibi/Cell or CGI/Character profile/ (please specify which of these you want):

Background description (leave blank if no BG):

Rules / Terms of agreement:

Questions / Comments:


Email to -

Please copy and paste the form above into your e-mail and make sure to fill out everything!
If I have chosen to take your request, I will send you a note with the title Commission Accepted.

Also, please understand if I have accepted, you MUST let me know if your piece has a deadline attached or if I can take my time with it (most pieces usually take 1-3 weeks to a month, once I've begun). I will also expect frequent communication between my self and the requester, as I do send sketch and screenshot updates frequently, to ensure you are getting what you want completed.

If I choose to take the request, but all the commission slots are filled, I will send you a note titled On Waiting List.

If by some chance you cancel or I must cancel before the work is done, You will receive a note titled Commission Canceled informing you, and I will send your money back.

If you send a request and do not here from me within one week's time, just assume I cannot take the request right now.

If you have any questions please just send me an e-mail to ---